Elizabeth Gibson

I line my dragons up to fight: Double Flame, Hot Metal, Armadillo.

Today I have been annoyed by the lack of breakfast in my residence;

they promised it, I got ready for nothing.

I was so angry.


Then I remembered that I am in a new Battle League with the dragons, finally,

after beating that Level 25 Mystic War monster, Raphael

and his little posse.

Mine are all in the late teens level-wise; I had no chance

but somehow I did it.


I click happily on the new league to start off where I finished last night. The first dragon appears.

I feel that burning dismay I’d forgotten about last night:

these dragons are all Levels 5 and 7 and 10. They’re babies.

So small compared to mine. Some of them are seriously cute.

I hate sending a tongue of flame their way or ninja stars or cannon balls or asteroids

when they can only manage a simple punch

but I grit my teeth. Get a grip. It’s a game. You can’t deliberately lose.

That would be stupid.

So I wipe them out, slowly, one by one.


A Butterfly Dragon appears.

I remember being dumbfounded by beauty when I first hatched

mine all those months ago.

You wouldn’t think they were so easy to get, 

such is their magnificence. They are not cutesy. They are powerful and striking.

They are also way bigger than seemingly all the other dragons on account

of their wings which billow around them.

I bite my lip then that coldness comes over me. I press electric shock and my Hot Metal Dragon, Kappa, sends a fizz of electricity to the butterfly.

His great wings flicker and go out, like a light.


“Gold” by Spandau Ballet is playing on the 80s medley I have in the background.

I don’t really like that song, I never have. I try to feel victorious.

It’s hard.


My final victim – no, opponent – is a Tropical Dragon.

They look like trees and when they breathe swirls of dark green leaves pour from their mouths.

It’s one of the most beautiful animations I’ve ever seen.

I watch, mesmerised as ever, tears in my eyes

before I blow him to pieces.


Finishing, I look down on the islands with their dragons to compete against.

I love them. I love them all