Chris Campanioni

Spit paddle stream

The sound of your voice

I could never know


How far

You like to enter

Without a lit up


Sign to let you

Know exit mouth

Baby in a bar


Put on your best

Tank top & bottom

Out the way


A bond

Villain drops

Into the black


As long as your

Air stops moving

My mouth full


I’ve never had

Enough of that

Ambidextrous or


Just dexterous

One & two &

Meet up


& let’s play

House, make

Fire by making it


Move faster

I don’t know

Once I told someone


I don’t know

Who I am

When I am


By myself

When I am

Buying myself


On the street

Everyone stops

Open wide


Like no one not even

Me magazines & video

So different depending


On who I am inside

Of lately like the weather

It comes & goes


Do you know

What that means

It means enough


People want

To hear about fire

Everyone either gets it


Or they don’t

The cost keeps

Rising I told my friend


It’s through the roof

I said & used my hands

To show him


My studio

Has no fire